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Everyone has a lot of misery in life. Every day we face different crises. Grief: It does not make the state of mind better. So always face adversity with courage.


Guest named “Grief”
You should stay away
I always think you shouldn’t come
The mind is happy when you go away

When grief comes, the mind suffers
Grief shakes the mind
Grief must always be forgotten
And make others rejoice

The mind laughs in moments of joy
Grief comes and deceives that moment
Everyone is afraid of grief
Because we do not get immediate relief from grief

Mourning should never be embraced
Try to forget it
When the mind is free from sorrow
Only then does happiness blossom in life

Pratik vishe



Published by Pratik.vishe

insta : ) @_traumaticwords

8 thoughts on “🥀🌷GRIEF🌷🥀

  1. But sorrow gives a doorway into the soul.. the best thing for me is to allow it but not let it be the entirety of my existance.. it is just one side of the coin, but to feel sad is human.. who wants to be a robot? I guess the answer is a lot of people lol 🙂

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    1. Yes, but no one wants to be sad. Sadness and defeat are very different things. Failure is a stage and sorrow is a situation. If the state of mind is sad, then of course the mind becomes emotional, frustrated, we get bored and stay in the same state. And no one wants to live like a robot, but no one wants to be in a state of perpetual misery. And contentment instead of sorrow is the way to the soul. And when it comes to other people, everyone has a different point of view, so what you think is more important than what they think.

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      1. Yes, the robot state is not right, but because of grief, you don’t want to give up living, you want to overcome that grief, and life is a temporary illusion, so it is wrong to be stuck in the same kind of grief. There will be a lot of sorrow in life, there will be a lot of trouble, but our work will be to overcome the same situation, keep moving towards our goal.
        After all, grief is the limit. Happiness does not last forever, so our happiness and contentment depends on how we are happy in our sorrow

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