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“You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while “.

I’m tired by culmination of efforts ,
And with this shades of my life,
I have begun to fall faster than the autumn leaves 🍂
gloom is lying in my clumsiness ,
like Jupiter and Venus Can I cease the catastrophe impending in my Tellus?

I’m the fading star ,
will i again be to gleam..?
Will I survive in the constellation of sparkling stars,
Will I perish in a world that has no beginning and no end?

contentment of mine like a meteor shower ,
can i be luminous like a sirius
by neglecting facto will i able to immerse in black hole
in the cosmos of exoplanets
will i perpetually be an interstellar ?

I sufference that I’m not dazzling as the quaras,
not spectacular as saturn , but my soul reminisce me that I’m also an unique one.
not just the illusion ,
everything in this an occult, mystical universe is hidden in me.

Off from the city lights along hillock of colossal mountains ,
confluence of river, silhouette of trees ,
in an utter hush I’m talking to this millions of stars and constellations ,
can i too become like you..?
Will I be able to cope with this persistent failure which follows even after an travail efforts?


Published by Pratik.vishe

insta : ) @_traumaticwords


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