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” The life of this World is nothing but a temporary illusion”.

This poem will surely touch your heart. It has to related with the lives of each of us.


My soul is racing
Starts chasing my aims
I start running tacifitly on my way
I lose or win, I don’t have any care
In love and war, all is fair

I don’t annoye anyone
i Don’t wanna ever bend
Whatever I want , i strive for it until my end
My soul faces scary forests ,
It starts running through strange ways
I hope after this pursuit I’ll get happy days

I fight with my endless potential even my enemies with infinite fire
cause I just wanna keep you safe and that’s my last desire
I wanna achieve my aims before I die
I always fight for justice, i wanna fly so high
I always hate myself when my behaviour is worse
I’m trapped in a ring , which with a bad curse

I’m angel with a mission my thoughts come out like flood, errupt like volcano, like wandering like a comet
I’m so lonely but i don’t wanna get anyone’s favour
I fight for justice not for glory
I start changing myself ,now i wanna write new story

Sometimes I lose my warfare, sometimes I cry
But I don’t wanna get stuck before I die
Sometimes I wanna rest like silhouettes upon the wall
occasionally Wanna walk with ambitious mind, without losing power and fall

I’ve hung my fears on the edge, now i wanna shine like sun
I won’t care even end nears while fighting, but I don’t want to get fear and run
Even after being persecuted by my enemies
I’m progressing ,my soul ignored all things
But at the end i realise that, I’m an Angel with  broken wing

_pratik vishe

#unsaid words #inspirational poems #incredible poems #pratikvishe #universe Sovereign #Nikeshlilani #traumatic poetry


Published by Pratik.vishe

insta : ) @_traumaticwords

6 thoughts on “๐ŸŒ† MY SOUL IS RACING๐ŸŒŒ

  1. Pratik, You write very well. There is a golden opportunity for writers in India. A competition is going on, which also has a lot of prizes. The entry fee for participating in the Fest is โ‚น330.
    Would you like to participate in it? If you are curious then let me know, will send you all the details.

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